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What photography equipment does Jillian use? 

Currently, I mainly shoot with a Nikon D850.  I also have a Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera. Until recently, I did shoot with my D700, so many of the images here are shot with that as well. It is not about having the newest camera, it is about knowing how to use what you have. 

As for lenses, I typically shoot nature, wild life and equine with a Nikkor 2.8 70-200mm and 5.6 200-300mm. With domestic animals and pets, 1.8 50mm is my favorite. I love interacting with the pets I would with and the 50mm gives me the flexibility to do that. 

I am also a huge fan of cell phone photography. I will be including some of those on this site as well. For me, my cell phone shots are more of a visual journal for me of daily life and of what inspires me. 


Do you do portrait sessions? 

I am in the process of ramping up for portraits once again. I was waiting for my health to get to the point of being where I could deliver the type service that each client deserves. Sign up for my email list at the bottom of the page to find out when sessions will start. 


When will I receive my order? 

Production of your order takes 2-3 days. Shipping takes 3-7 days depending on where your order is shipping to. 


What is your refund policy? 

You can find complete details of our refund policy by clicking here


Does Jillian Chilson Photography donate services and products? 

Currently, I volunteer for Southside SPCA of Meherrin VA. I have had a long relationship with this amazing organization and I am pretty heavily involved with donating a good number of hours to them each week with my photography.  At this time, I do not have any additional resources to donate. 


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