Jillian Chilson is not only a creative, she captures nature in a way that brings real life any where in the world right into your home.  The images are astounding works of art in color; eye catching places and creatures not seen in every day arenas, all while warming the heart.  You will be uplifted by having any one of her pieces added to your collection.
~April L, Orlando FL
Jillian Chilson Photographer

Growing up, I never knew photography was a passion. I just took pictures of whatever, especially animals, whenever I could. I never thought anything of it. As a graduation gift, I received a "real" camera from my grandfather who photographed as a hobby. It came as a complete surprise to me, but I was challenged to start taking photography courses and to see what I could do with a camera. 

I did! I don't think anyone imagined my passion and vision for photography would play such a large role in my life. Even when I became critically ill, photography is what helped me fight my way through a time I should have never survived. After going through that time, I believe that having strong goals and purpose can help one beat nearly about anything. Even while bed bound, I was studying and researching all I could online to hone my skills. 

When I finally was able to be up again, since I was so weak, I started using my iPhone to take photos of the world around me and to remind me of the many things I had to be thankful for. This turned out to be one of the best exercises I have ever done. I was no longer taking images to please others. For the first time since taking up photography officially, I started taking photos for me and me only. Something special happened. I started to have fun! I forgot about what others thought. I ended up developing a new perspective approach with my photographs that everyone around me seemed to enjoy. When I became healthier and stronger, I took that perspective with me to my "real" camera, my Nikon DSLR. 

As I work to regain my health, I am going full steam ahead in continuing to have fun and experiment with the kind of images I can get. I have some amazing mentors that have been guiding and challenging me as well. 

It has taking me a long time to get back to focus on photography again. I am very glad to be back and my aim is to not only make people smile, but to help and inspire others look at the world they view everyday with wonder.

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