Socially Distanced Fireworks - Chesterfield VA

I have missed fireworks for quite some time for various reasons. I actually went last year, but a torrential storm blew in minutes before the fireworks were about to start. I did get an A for trying since I brought a plastic bag with me to keep my camera dry... I did get soaked however. Lol! 

I was expecting for the local firework displays to be cancelled this year due to the virus. Most were, but I was so happy to find out that my county of Chesterfield decided the show must go on. Things were different this year. Firework were viewed from nearby parking lots instead of the fairgrounds. No extra activities or events like usual this year but that really was no problem. 
I got there early so I could get a space in the parking lot nearest to where the fireworks were being launched. I did some people watching which is never boring. 

When it approached time to do the fireworks, I went to the back on the lot to a field. I had plenty of space around me to do my thing. This is my first time ever doing fireworks so I played with my settings at first. Didn't take long to figure out what I liked best. ISO 64, 5 sec at f18. 

Since I saw some talk about the Penumbral Eclipse later that night, decided to include that in my photo. Penumbral eclipses are a light shadow on the moon. In person, I could not see it at all. So I ended up processing the moon shots exactly the same so that would allow the shadow to show up a bit for the eclipse photo. I reduced highlights, increased shadows and increased contrast. So if you look at the middle moon, one can see the top left is darker than the moon without the eclipse. 

All in all, this final photograph is a composite of 7 different images. 

People attended the fireworks were happy. The overwhelming feedback was appreciation for some normalcy in the midst of the lockdown. It was different in how it was held, but it was comforting to take part in a celebration while staying socially distanced. 

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