My First Real Photo

I was talking to a friend the other night. I reminisced about my first real photograph taken when I first started photography classes in college. That was with a Minolta film camera. (Do they even make those anymore???) I developed in a stuffy darkroom that smelled of chemicals. I walked through the neighborhoods in Lynchburg and found this scene.

So crazy to see where I started and where I am now. Here is a photo I took this past October. 

I still love the first photograph. It is still a reflection of me and who I am. What has changed between the two images? Well, technology in photography has experienced a revolution of going from film to digital. Another thing that has changed is the sense of freedom I feel taking photos now. When I started, I was trying to take photos to impress others. Now, it is more about capturing the experience and feeling of the moment. I hope that others feel what I do when I take an photograph. 

Over the years, I have continued to study what makes “moving” photography, photography that effects people. I have been exploring how to best master the technical along with developing my perspective through online courses, studying the work of others along with the citrique and guidance from amazing photographers I respect and admire. 

Learning is a process that never ends. And even now, I continually look for ways to challenge my knowledge and skills. It is the journey of growth is what makes photography so exciting. 

NOTE: Minolta went out of the camera business in 2003. However, a new release of Minolta digital cameras were quietly rolled out in 2017. Looks like it is a different company that owns the brand now. 






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