Late to the Party, but It was Still Fun!

The holiday season went by really fast this year, didn't it? 

Seems like from what I hear, I am not the only one who thinks so. Maybe the late Thanksgiving this year? I also was out of town some as well throughout the season.  Well, either way, I was late on accomplishing my annual tradition of visiting Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond, VA for their fantastic light display. (Continues after photo.)

Lewis Ginter Bontanical Gardens Conservatory lit with Christmas lights

I actually had no plans to take photographs this year.  My goal was just to enjoy the views..... But then I saw the iconic view of the Conservatory when soon after entering the gardens.  Yup, I was toast.  I did have my cell phone on me so I used what I had. I always love this scene best just before the sunsets. 

And then off to go into the Conservatory to see the Christmas tree which has a unique design each year. This year did not disappoint at all. (Continues after photo.)

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Christmas tree

Also in the Conservatory, there is a little cottage that is designed with different scenes through the year. So I have to go check that out as well. (Continues after photo.)

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens cottage scene

The lights were amazing this year. Feels like the display grows every year. One of the things I like to do next is to walk through their woodsy trail that wraps around to the mansion. (Continues after photo.) 

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens wooded path lit by Christmas lights

Another highlight for me is checking out the tree house.  Not really a tree house, but it is a magical structure that is built off the ground that offers beautiful views of the gardens. While walking under the tree house, some lights caught my eye, and not where you would think.  Yes, the reflections from the rain can be beautiful.  (Continues after photo.)

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens reflection of Christmas lights

And now, I end with one of the amazing views from the tree house.  These are always the highlights for me each year.  If you are in Richmond around the holiday season, I really do encourage you to check these lights out.  It is definitely worth it. I almost missed it this year, but I did make it out for the closing weekend. 

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens view from tree house of Christmas lights

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