How I Approach a Great Blue Heron Shot in the Morning Light

(Article after photograph.)

A Great Blue Heron in Early Morning Light

I rarely take just one shot if time or the situation allows.  I saw this Great Blue Heron land ahead of me. I was really happy since the light was that beautiful golden glow that doesn't last long. 

First of all, I kept my distance because I did not want to disturb the bird. I took my first shot without much set up because I never know when he will choose to fly off. Next, I basically went in a very wide half circle around the tree getting different perspectives of the heron and the background. This perspective above was not immediately evident until I was standing in that particular shot. 

Because of how the limbs are framing this heron, I knew I had gotten what I wanted. 

So next time you are taking a shot and the situation allows it, take the first photograph and then think about moving to other spots, levels or angles to see if you can make the image a little more special. Sometimes, the discoveries may surprise you. 

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