Before and After Shot of Summer Sunset Fun

Last night was a gorgeous evening which led to a beautiful sunset. I decided to switch locations up. I went to Robious Landing James River Park. To me, this is what I think of as an ideal typical summer day. 

I actually get questions about how my shots before and after editing, so here is an example. 

Before Shot

Summer Sunset Fun at Robious Landing James River Park, Midlothian VA
I love how this shot turned out, I shoot in RAW format. One thing that makes it different from jpeg is doesn't have any set processing that is added to the photo. This is basically like a virtual negative that allows me to process it in a way that unique to me. 
I pretty much kept the photo the same except for removing that pesky leaf at the top left of the photo. I brighted the whites, brightened the shadows and darks a bit and add some vibrance to the image. That felt a bit incomplete to me so I also added a gentle vignette.  Here is the final product: 
Summer Sunset Fun  edited - at Robious Landing James River Park in Midlothian VA
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So, now it's time to go outside and enjoy the warm weather! 

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