5 Tips for Creating Better Cell Phone Photos

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I get compliments all the time on my cell phone photos. People always assume I have the latest and greatest phone.... You should see their faces when I say I am still using an iPhone 6s!

It isn't always about the latest technology to get amazing photos. It is about knowing how to make the most of what you have.

The image below, I took with my iPhone last night. Still had a bit of the Saharan dust in the atmosphere for a beautiful sunset. 
Saharan Dust Sunset, Sunday Park, Brandermill, Midlothian VA
  • Move closer!  Cameras don’t look at things like we do. Our brains help focus on the item we want to focus on. Cameras don’t do that, so step closer so people have no question what the subject is.
  • Adjust for exposure! Most do not know that cell phone cameras allow you to adjust the exposure.
              iPhone: Point on the screen where you want your focus. Then put your finger in the square and slide it up and down to make the scene brighter or darker.
              Android: Point on the screen where you want your focus. At the bottom of the photo, you will see a slider. Slide your finger to the right and left to make your scene brighter or darker.
  • Selfie alert! Soft indirect light is very flattering for taking photos. Standing in front of a window or outside in the shade facing the sun can deliver ver flattering results.
  • Move around! Don’t stand where everyone else does to take a photo. Try to figure out a unique spot to that the photo from. And you don’t have to stand. You can sit or lay down. In some places to a higher location may be another option.
  • Snapseed! Snapseed a free app by Google that is a good photo editor. Good news it is available in iPhone and Android operating systems. It is easy to play with and a pretty powerful tool. It is my go-to for phone editing. 

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